Does the Alberta Health Minister of the NDP government really think a reduced NDP-ADA&C Fee Guide will Fix High Dental Fees?

FACT: An NDP Dental Fee guide that cuts fees paid by plans will INCREASE patient balances for most Albertans!

Dear Alberta dentist,

If you agree with the simple concept that a reduced fee guide (attempt at price fixing), will be used by insurance companies to reduce their pay schedule, and dentists will very likely NOT adopt the new fee guide and the net result is higher uninsured balances for the 3 out of 4 Albertans that do have coverage, then YOU MUST ACT NOW. It's about as wise as TRUMP building a wall and adding a tax on to imports - when thought through, these simple fixes are a mistake.

Why hasn't the ADA&C made this clear? Are they scared the provincial authority could force them to divide the college and the association where they would lose their monopoly? Why hasn't the ADA&C budged on restrictive advertising rules and enforcement that affects normal competition in the dental marketplace? They may be paralyzed by the fact that they are controlled by lawyers who do not understand the profession. Micromanaging, over-controlling, short-sighted people in power who refuse to admit they may need outside input? This house of cards needs to be toppled.

Here's YOUR chance as a REAL wet-fingered dentist to make your opinion heard without the risk of being beaten up for speaking out...print off the following, tape it to the History of Dentistry in Alberta book sent to you from the ADA&C in November 2016 (or tape it to a rubber chicken, or an envelope or whatever...something that stands out). Mail it to the Health Minister and wake her up to what is in your mind as a licensed dentist in this province. If your fees drop 20% will you be able to survive? Most dentists will probably not follow the NDP-ADA&C fee guide and this PR gesture by Ms. Hoffman is ignoring the real problems in our profession which are unique to Alberta. Step up doc or don't whine about the consequences.


Protest Instructions/Suggestions:

Highlight the address and checklist below for selective printing or cut and paste to your own document. PRINT OFF OR MAKE YOUR OWN & Affix to the Worthless 'Free Book' from the ADA&C or whatever you choose - DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Drop it in the mail. This only takes a couple minutes of your time but it may help save your practice.

(No postage is required when mailing to this gov't office- do not include your identity to avoid reprisal attack from the ADA&C)


Hon. Minister Sarah Hoffman

423 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5K 2B6

Dear Ms. Hoffman,

As a dentist licensed in Alberta I want you to know (check all that apply):

​​____ - I refuse to follow an NDP-ADA&C fee guide and prefer to set my own fees to reflect the higher costs of providing dental care in this province. It is illegal to force any fee schedule on privately-owned dental practitioners.

____ - I feel the ADA&C advertising rules are overly restrictive.

____ - I feel the disciplinary process & punishment for Alberta dentists is out of control.

____ - I feel the ADA&C needs to be re-organized to end the dysfunctional structure that is in place. 

____ - I feel it is too risky to even add my name to this petition due to the negative consequences that seem to follow any questioning of the dental authority. 


Another concerned Alberta dental professional.


Information previously on the home page:

​August 2017

CBC RADIO looks at the ADA&C FEE Guide - interviews AB DDS Lobby editor:

"While it is a small step forward to read that ADA&C president Mintoo Basahti has plans

to make important changes to the organization most dentists were as SHOCKED as Ms. Sarah Hoffman not to be included in the discussions over a fee guide. When the courts eventually recognize the improper conduct of those involved in the disciplinary process and the obvious bias built into the system we trust the pressure to make personnel changes will be impossible to ignore. The only 'fake news' we see so far is the belief that the general membership can trust the ADA&C to balance interests of itself, the patients of Alberta and the dentists of Alberta. The last newsletter raised eyebrows from many readers who now demand separation of the association from the college. We've added a subscription to help dentists support the lobby process. Don't wait to be the ADA&C's next victim."