The ADA&C wasted membership dues suing over cartoons poking fun at their excuses? Then rather than doing a formal investigation into a complaint of unprofessional conduct about one of its former presidents it helps with a defamation case against the accuser and gives the insider an award to build his 'character'? The use of funds to preserve the integrity of the OLD BOYS CLUB is unacceptable. Whatever THEY do is fine...but the average dentist is fair game for bullying and financial discipline. Only an independent audit ordered from the Health Minister will help solve this mess - as discussed in this new book.

To read an excellent article that should be mandatory reading for all Expert Witnesses (on both sides)- search the February AJO-DO for Admissibility of Scientific Evidence by Laurance Jerrold Chair of Orthodontics, Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY


"General acceptance means that there are many ways to look at a patient. General acceptance means that there may be several viable treatment plans based on the varying goals and objectives of treatment developed in conjunction with our patients. General acceptance means that there are many ways to treat a certain problem and many philosophies of retention. General acceptance by our entire specialty means that there ain't just one way.

Those who really must hear this are our “experts”: those who would go into court and chastise, castigate, or emasculate, and try to destroy the professionalism and credibility of a colleague who is either a defendant or an opposing expert. These are the dangerous ones; these are the heretics in our midst. Experts should recognize that the world, particularly the orthodontic world, is not black or white. There is a lot of gray out there. Yes, sometimes errors are made; okay, fine. But differing views and approaches are not failures that need addressing or redress. They can be as simple as beliefs and approaches that have gained some degree of general acceptance in a professional community and thus have just as much right to exist as the beliefs of the next guy or the next expert."

Should the council & ADA&C Investigators follow the same rules as the rest of the general membership? 

Buy or simply look through the pages (free full preview) of the latest e-book -Critique of the ADA&C Advertising Rules- the two volume set - decide for yourself if the rules are being applied fairly and evenly across the board. Are YOUR bad choices going to be treated the same as the 'Old Boys' inappropriate behaviour? 

We, the little dentists who pay the dues every year for the right to self-govern our profession, are demanding change. We need to have a voice and an advocate which is supposed to be the 'association' part of the trade name. Has the ADA&C balanced the roles they accepted as their foundation? 

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The complaints director had the following comment to make to the press related to a dentist who was boastful of his CEREC:

Calgary Herald -Feb, 2012 -QUOTE:

'Colleen Wetter, legal counsel for the ADA, said the 16-page code of ethics is clear about what dentists can and can't

do. "A general dentist can advertise the services they provide and they can advertise the products that they use," Wetter said. But the code of ethics clearly states advertising the one-hour crown or bridge procedure would imply superiority. "I'm not going to make any response to any specific advertising questions that you have," Wetter added. Wetter's answer is confusing.'​

At the same time former ADA&C president Dr. _______'s website on October 27, 2014:

" (edited): Services From a Dentist in ____ at (edited) Group in ____, our patients can expect affordable services administered in a clean, comfortable environment. Because we value your time, we make every attempt to deliver services as efficiently as possible, such as our same-day preparation and placement services for CEREC® crowns. Come see the dentist ____ residents trust!"

Link:  (edited)

Complaints Director says 'Yes', then 'No', then 'No follow-up to a question' to specific City-Name Domain Names? THEN after 3-4 council members were found to have city/town-named dental offices the rule was dentists are allowed to all do this (2018)

The frustrating thing many Alberta dentists are dealing with now is an attack on their practice names and websites, with particular interest in city-name bans. Since they have allowed some dentists the right to use city names, the prediction is they will soon realize it is better to say out of the naming business. Just like telling dentists they couldn't mention their years of experience, they simply need to be asked to reconsider the rules. Some of these dental professionals have been using their practice names for decades or have paid hundreds of thousands for practice goodwill only to be told 'no'... finally as mentioned in red above, the silly rule was overturned in 2018. Sadly the ADA&C kept the ban on use of the province's name perhaps due to the massive expense an Edmonton prosthodontist was slammed with removing his signage to be compliant. Would an "ALBERTA" dental office suddenly attract patients from all corners of the province and put the locals out of business? Of course not, but this is an example of 'overthink' that costs dentists vast sums of money.

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