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"Dentists want change. Change cannot come from within the ADA&C so we need to use other means. Register for the e-reports learn how you can help make our dental authority and association more effective. The video on the right will make you scratch your heads about the people making disciplinary decisions at the authority."

- Michael Zuk DDS.

Meet the Research Editor of the Alberta Dentist Lobby Newsletter 
Dr. Michael Yar Zuk is the 'dentist wiki-editor' of the Alberta Dentists Association Lobby Group Newsletter & website (  This program is an independent organization offering a different perspective on issues which affect all dentists in the province.  The ADA&C  (and dentist site) are not affiliated in any way with this website and every dentist has a right to form his/her own opinion with the material provided.  This website contains political speech and not advertising for an individual practitioner.  

WARNING STRONG POLITICAL LANGUAGE: This website is exclusively for ALBERTA dental professionals- it contains political speech, criticism of the dental authority and concerns of the average dentist which may be offensive to Old Boys and their children on committees, ADA&C lawyers and staff.

July 2020- Alberta Dental Authority accused of Systemic Racism (82% in line for discipline are ethnic minorities), Most White Dentists in line for disciplinary review are tied to Nevada Seminar program whose approach is now banned in Ontario and Manitoba & Dentist-Author appeals Censorship to Supreme Court of Canada. Watch for media interviews. 

April 2020- Video exposes link between former ADA&C president and harmful seminar program (see below)- Tribunal bias risk level HIGH.

Oct 2019: LOOK OUT.... 'Neuromuscular dentists' and their approach to TMJ and full mouth reconstruction appear to now be banned in Ontario, Manitoba and ALBERTA. According to the ADA&C's own website their TMJ treatment guide hints that the weekend course you may have taken may NOT be enough to give you the skills they promised. Don't be foolish thinking just because the authority gave you continuing education points means they will accept your neuro/gneuro or whatever type of forward positioning electronically stimulated 'perfect bite'. This is an about face compared to a few months ago when representatives where stating 'there are no standards' for TMJ treatment. Has the authority protected YOU from poor training programs? Heck no. Protected patients? Gosh, why bother...the big money is in waiting for the harm to occur and then pretending to do something about it. 

A SHOCKING ADMISSION by the appeal complaint review committee finds a huge variance in application of ethics rules to general dentists vs specialists - and it takes 4 YEARS for Ms. Wetter to complete an advertising review only to find 'insufficient evidence'...and the specialist is STILL advertising the same way AFTER her review??? Then the appeal committee shows it is far behind the progress in the profession believing treatment that is the topic of even University of Alberta Faculty of Dentistry seminars is somehow worthy of a professional misconduct hearing? How many president's kids were on the ad committee again? (Answer: About as many Dental Corp related dentists who were on council at any one time). 

Victim of Suspected Over-treatment speaks out to the dental board-Could boards/councils be corrupted with ties to risky training? Is there a connection between the Nevada board and Alberta related to a course that may push unsubstantiated treatment concepts? Are dentists in trouble if they use these 'approved courses' as a guide to full mouth drilling or is your dental license at risk?  -

New Report suggests Alberta Dentists have TWICE the rate of professional misconduct as Ontario dentists and 4X the problem of Alberta Physicians - they are also 7 TIMES more costly to investigate and discipline? Looking at BC dentists, Alberta dentists also have TWICE the discipline rate and higher investigation and discipline costs.

Is this something the new CEO of the ADA&C should be discussing with the council and Health Minister? Is the problem with the dentists or, as many have suspected, with the authority lawyers and others involved in the process?

In better news, after years and years of lobbying we are pleased to announce that in 2018 the CDSPI legal expense coverage will be revised as requested to help cover fees in the event of a loss (instead of just a win, according to the old policy terms which were selected by a council who apparently did not have the general membership in mind). Members are encouraged to apply for the new plan but have a careful review of terms that may still leave the dentist at risk. This DOES NOT CHANGE the fact that the Alberta dental authority stands out as a the most expensive and aggressive health disciplinary system in the country. We have asked the Health Minister to consider the statistics in the report and hope the new CEO of the ADA&C will do the same and make steps to correct this unfair process.

Alberta Dentist Lobby is calling on the Alberta Dental Association & College to make 'radical strategic changes' to address the extremely serious and unacceptable level of dentist discipline applied to the general membership. Only with an outside audit will daylight be shed on the problem of 'over-lawyering'. Then the only question remaining will be how dentists unfairly treated should be compensated?

Feb. 2018 - Some good news, as the ADA&C revised the advertising rules to allow use of photos of actual teeth, use of the term 'FREE' and testimonials in certain areas where they do not control them. Of course more needs to be done and this process is much slower than it needs to be. 

Fall 2018 - New book reviews the ADA&C Ad Guide Changes

Nov 29, 2018 - Individual Alberta dentists using the 'neuro-muscular' NM approach  may have been targeted while the authority ignored the larger group to avoid a backlash. Many provinces and the CDA have issued statements questioning the validity of the protocols, why did Alberta not openly discuss the subject and instead waits for patient complaints, then uses an expert witness to discredit the NM treatment which is based on 'ADA&C-approved continuing education'? 

Print newsletter - next issue coming shortly- you will not want to miss this!

- Michael Zuk DDS   PS. Check out the latest book discussing how many dental authorities handled concerns with questionable approaches promoted by lab-sponsored courses. How many presidents are pretending they 'didn't know'?


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