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"Dentists want change. Change cannot come from within the ADA&C so we need to use other means. Register for the e-reports learn how you can help make our dental authority and association more effective."

- Michael Zuk DDS.

Meet the Research Editor of the Alberta Dentist Lobby Newsletter 
Dr. Michael Zuk is the 'dentist wiki-editor' of the Alberta Dentists Association Lobby Group Newsletter & website (  This program is an independent organization offering a different perspective on issues which affect all practising dentists in the province.  The ADA&C  (and dentist site) are not affiliated in any way with this website and every dentist has a right to form his/her own opinion with the material provided.  

August 2017

CBC RADIO looks at the ADA&C FEE Guide - interviews AB DDS Lobby editor:

"While it is a small step forward to read that ADA&C president Mintoo Basahti has plans

to make important changes to the organization most dentists were as SHOCKED as Ms. Sarah Hoffman not to be included in the discussions over a fee guide. When the courts eventually recognize the improper conduct of those involved in the disciplinary process and the obvious bias built into the system we trust the pressure to make personnel changes will be impossible to ignore. The only 'fake news' we see so far is the belief that the general membership can trust the ADA&C to balance interests of itself, the patients of Alberta and the dentists of Alberta. The last newsletter raised eyebrows from many readers who now demand separation of the association from the college. We've added a subscription to help dentists support the lobby process. Don't wait to be the ADA&C's next victim."

- Michael Zuk DDS


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