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"Dentists want change. Change cannot come from within the ADA&C so we need to use other means. Register for the e-reports learn how you can help make our dental authority and association more effective."

- Michael Zuk DDS.

Meet the Research Editor of the Alberta Dentist Lobby Newsletter 
Dr. Michael Zuk is the 'dentist wiki-editor' of the Alberta Dentists Association Lobby Group Newsletter & website (  This program is an independent organization offering a different perspective on issues which affect all practising dentists in the province.  The ADA&C  (and dentist site) are not affiliated in any way with this website and every dentist has a right to form his/her own opinion with the material provided.  

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Are you scratching your head with questions about the Alberta dental authority?

Why have most provinces separated their dental college and association due to the conflicts of interest?

Why are Ontario physician disciplinary costs capped at $4,460 while Alberta dentists are milked for whatever amount ADA&C lawyers want to charge? (Register for the FREE E-reports on the sign up page and get the details)

Why does the ADA&C not ask the general membership to rate the performance of strategic personnel?

Why have the advertising rules become so complicated that most dentists do not know what they are allowed to do?

Why are concerns brought to the ADA&C not replied to in a prompt and courteous manner?

Why were safeguards like legal coverage for general members reduced below the optimal levels?

Why are salaries of the ADA&C kept secret?

Why does council allow ADA&C lawyers to set suspensions and fines for various violations?

Why are membership dues spent paying for defamation lawsuits?    


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