June 2017: AB Dentist Lobby editor proposes a poll of the ADA&C general membership to support the idea of a $50,000/year donation for 20 years to Amber Athwal's recovery from dental sedation complications. 

"The ADA&C sedation guidelines may or may not have been involved in Amber's specific tragedy, but it is clear that our authority did not have a necessary update as a priority until the incident brought this to their attention. We all share in the responsibility to maintain the safety of the public and put their interests above those of the dentists and the reputation of the profession. It is not uncommon for a professional organization to help people who have been negatively impacted by circumstances. This is one of those situations and I ask the Health Minister, the CEO of the ADA&C and new president Dr. Mintoo Basahti to simply survey the membership and ask if allocating a figure that is less than 1% of the annual dues could be approved. If they can spend $270,000 policing websites and bus bench advertising I think this should fit into the budget and is the right thing to do. Call the ADA&C at 1-800-843-3848." - Michael Zuk DDS


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NOTE: The next lobby newsletter should be arriving this month to discuss issues related to the NDP-ADA&C dental fee guide proposal and a possible breach of the public trust.

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Sensible Solutions

"Dentists want change. Change cannot come from within the ADA&C so we need to use other means. Register for the e-reports learn how you can help make our dental authority and association more effective."

- Michael Zuk DDS.

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