Rate the ADA&C Complaints Director (This is Anonymous Feedback from Alberta Dentists that we want to forward to ADA&C Council and the Alberta Health Minister for consideration) -Click Here

BONUS- After the survey you'll see what other dentists in Alberta (unidentified for their own safety) really think about the disciplinary machine behind the scenes. This is the first time in history where general members will provide feedback on the performance of the Complaints Director and the associated rules. IN THE NEWS MLA Calls for Reform: Link

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"Check out the front page of the Calgary Herald...Alberta Dentists Suing Over Advertising Rights. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are more problems at the ADA&C than you can imagine." - Michael Zuk DDS, AB Dentist Lobby.         LATEST UPDATE               

"If Alberta dentists feel it is appropriate to allow an individual to investigate, participate in formation of guidelines, prosecute and recommend sentences & fines then they should give the Complaints Director an Award of Total Domination. Add the ability to sue a dentist being investigated and control the entire complaint process and you have to wonder what law school would miss ethics training that would allow this to be possible anywhere in Canada?

The Old Boys Club ban on the use common words and phrases such as 'affordable', 'free consultation' and 'smile makeover' are examples of the insanity. No 'before & after' photos of actual dental treatment? SERIOUSLY? If the new CEO is reading this, I ask you Dr. Randall Croutze to poll Alberta dentists to see if they have confidence in the complaints department and agree with all the guidelines that were forced upon the general membership."

CURRENT POLL RESULTS: Complaints Director is rated 'POOR' by 77.78% of dentists surveyed (see below). Is the ADA&C prepared to critique their responsibility to stakeholders?

Sensible Solutions

"The ADA&C has a divide and conquer strategy, which in elementary school was called bullying. They take ONE dentist and destroy him/her and then write up their version of events. Truth is immaterial. Keeping dentists scared hides their lack of understanding of real world dentistry. They are sticking around simply to feed off of us...we need people who will HELP us be our best, HELP resolve misunderstandings. Too many dentists have suffered already. It's time to end the insanity. The courts will never stand for the college rules that have been rammed down 

our throats in a Old Boy's controlled system."

- Michael Zuk DDS.

Political Commentary

​May Contain Satire, Nudity...& the Ugly Truth about the Old Boys Club at the ADA&C

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Meet the News Editor of the Alberta Dentist Lobby Newsletter 
Dr. Michael Zuk is the editor of the Alberta Dentists Association Lobby Group Newsletter (AlbertaDentistLobby.com) pictured here with his ADA&C president-endorsed CDSPI umbrella coverage.  This program is an independent organization offering constructive criticism and news about the ADA&C  (or dentist site). Formal complaints about the ADA&C have been filed with the Competition Bureau, Alberta's Ombudsman, the Alberta Health Minister and Dr. David Swann MLA, the University of Alberta, the Law Society of Alberta and protests have been filed with the president of the ADA&C. We wish to thank all individuals who have chosen to respond to our requests for an investigation into the ADA&C.